After his graduation, majored in Fashion and Clothings, started working in the industry since 1984. He has joined various design positions, gained different experiences and practical knowledge on Commercial Graphics, Fashion and Clothings, Advertising, Interior, during in the design and development jobs of Fashion Industry.

“Design basically is integrated, just purposes cut it into different pieces, and we call the pieces as technique“.
Pete said theoretically.

He turned himself to be a professional freelance designer, after found out the way to be a good full service creative.

“Doing creative and design is just like preparing and cooking in kitchen. You play a role as a chef.”, said to his designers after all these years being a creative man.

“Give your true heart and real passion to creativity and design, understood design is not a fulfillment to yourself, it is a caring for everyone’s need. This is an only way to be good and success, in addition, you must love.”


淨 流

Jing Liu 淨 流淨 流 means PURITY FLOW, and it is how GOOD LIFE should be. That is the reason why 淨 流 using this signature on her works.

淨 流 ‘s photography full of vision, always make you feel that have something behind the pictures.

A lot of the works has been shown as illustration in books and novels, so they could be named “Photographic Illustration” or “Photorials”

I fall in love with cameras and lens since my High School. My classmate hand me a Yashica range-finder, then first shutter press and exposed my first frame of film.

I am charmed, then I practice a lot on scenics and naturals, which like most of beginners doing in the early years of shooting.

Now, I simply shoot what I saw, what they want to tell, what I want to show and what they make me moved, then wish my pictures could telling stories by itself.

Besides commercial photograph, I enjoy more in capturing moments that is now and here.