Jaguar Service Sales Kit

A sales kit for presenting Jaguar After Sales Services.

project year : 2004

Categories:   Portfolio, Visual Identity


  • Posted: 16 April 2010 00:07


    Jaguar Service is hard to find at times. Thanks so much for your research and your article.
  • Posted: 25 May 2010 06:39

    Margareta Pessin

    Promotion needs to concentrate on the unique selling point / differentiator of the product you are selling, so this would be promotion through media (the choice of which depends on place – ie internet, leaflets, direct sales force, tv etc etc) with a strong emphasis on the reliability, durability and quality of the desk drawer slide – heavily focussing on the life of the product compared to cheaper ones; a ‘lifespan’ comparison could show the cheaper one to be a false economy both in cost and effort of replacement, so this could communicate it quite well.Hope this helps :-) Thank you for this article! I've just found a decisively perfect portal about best marketing Try it!