The new US Dollar Bills design.

Excellent graphic design inspiration from an ongoing design competition (The Dollar ReDe$ign Project) to redesign the US Dollar. These entries by Michael Tyznik caught our eye for the simplicity and modern nature of their design. In the designer’s own words:

“Here are the main ideas in this design: Money and the color green are inextricably intertwined in American culture. I think it’d be a mistake to remove green as the primary color. Instead, each bill has a brightly-colored holographic strip embedded into it which contains the denomination. The width of this strip also changes with the denomination. This introduces an element which makes each bill extremely easy to identify. There is also braille denoting the bills’ denomination on the holographic strip”.

As far as we know there are no actual plans to redesign the actual dollar, it seems a few people missed the fact that this isn’t actually a proposal for an all new US Dollar, but really just a speculative concept!

Visit the original designer’s site at or to view more designs from other entrants in The ReDe$ign contest, visit this site here.