Only 10 pieces produce per day.

Developed by 2 Taiwanese designers

This take me back to my childhood that no toys around, my parent cannot afford to buy toys, so I make use of different types of papers to do toys for myself. It is grateful that makes me love to design.

Tenon art is the art of using tenon with the laser technology to create art products. The team never use pictures or models of animals to copy or imitate; instead they would shape and try to represent the lively character they have in mind. Therefore it is very common the studio was filled with half-established creations. The designer team is very strict on the quality to the point that they found paper company to specially made tenon paper for Tenonart so the paper will show excellent results in the cutting from laser but at the same time still retain the texture needed.

The liveless paper; with the artist’s emotions, accurate cutting, and carefully put together; became 3-Dimentional. And the creation became magically filled with soul and came alive, capturing the essence and gesture of that particular moment of the character. If you look at the object closely, you can feel the emotions…. A deer awaits for his lover, a female gorilla searching for her child… It makes you forget these creations were once liveless paper which now pops out in front of you with life. This is the magic power of Tenonart.

via Tenonart Adonis