by Lifschutz Davidson Sandilands.

This 50,000 sqft fit-out in a dew department store on Moscow’s Tsvetnoy Boulevard provides three floors of food retail and restaurant space, including a spectacular destination rooftop café, in the six storey retail concept on the site of Moscow’s historic Central Market.

A spectacular suspended ceiling of beaten stainless steel relates directly to the geometry of the external envelope and ‘wraps’ around the levels. The highly-polished stainless steel reflects the produce and visitors below with constrantly shifting patterns, reflecting light from the deep windows over Tsvetnoy Boulevard and the skylight on the top floor.

Visible from the main entrance on the ground floor, the ceiling provides a response to the exterior of the building, a distinct feeling to the food offer and entices shoppers to look up as they enter.

Architects: Lifschutz Davidson Sandilands
Location: Moscow, Russia
Client: RGI International
Photographs: Chris Gascoigne